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We Deliver Innovative Oil and Gas Accounting Solutions


Our Mission

Continuously seek and develop industry-leading processes through innovation and employee development while providing uniquely tailored solutions for our clients.


Corvus Optimization Group

When we started the company we weren’t sure what we wanted to call ourselves. We knew we didn’t want something generic. We wanted a name that complemented our mission statement and captured what we are all about:

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Optimization
  • Team Oriented

We decided on Corvus, latin for Raven, because they are among most innovative and creative animals on the planet.  We do not take a “cookie cutter approach to our clients needs”.  Instead, our innovative solutions are optimized to meet each of our clients needs.  We are your alternative to the way its always been done.

What We Do

There’s no doubt about it: oil and gas is a complex business with equally complicated rules and regulations for accounting.

We have the people, the processes, and the experience to help you successfully navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance and revenue accounting.

We’re not here to offer off-the-shelf solutions. We start every project with a thorough review of your existing software and processes, demonstrating that we understand every producer has its own unique set of challenges to address. We partner with you to develop a custom solution that works specifically for your business and helps you achieve your goals.

Our Experience

Extensive experience optimizing databases and developing advanced valuation models

Partnered with more than 150 offshore and onshore producers

Proven experience optimizing accounting and production systems

Recovered more than $40 million associated with regulatory audits, interest bills and accounting errors

Worked directly with ONRR to develop standard offshore/onshore valuation processes

Successfully defended clients in 100s of ONRR and State audits

Our Leadership

Jeremiah Anderson is the founder and CEO of Corvus Optimization Group. He has 15 years of industry experience and proudly leads the team of oil and gas accounting professionals at Corvus.

He began his oil and gas career in 2008 as a junior associate for Creel & Associates. Over the next 10 years, he served as state regulatory manager, director of operations, vice president, and ultimately CEO. During his tenure, he worked closely with ONRR’s valuation group. He developed and implemented strategies to minimize tax and royalty burdens for clients, while also mitigating the risk of civil penalties and interest. He also established and updated business procedures to streamline operations, focusing on developing models to increase data processing efficiency.