Why Corvus

Bringing Comprehensive Solutions to Complex Problems

In today’s environment, E&P companies must confront many challenges:

  • Shrinking budgets
  • Decreasing revenue
  • Complex regulatory frameworks
  • Attracting and retaining qualified talent
  • Poor communication and collaboration between departments

As a result of these headwinds, companies are increasingly relying on software to manage their regulatory reporting and revenue accounting processes. And while accounting software can help streamline and automate processes, it cannot think for itself. Companies still need smart people to anticipate problems, quickly identify solutions, and actively mitigate the negative impacts of inaccurate regulatory reporting. It’s the combination of smart people and software that can optimize your accounting process, unearthing previously missed opportunities to generate revenue by reducing payables and combat undesirable audit findings. 

Our Services

Service Title


Offering a full suite of production, revenue, and regulatory accounting services to optimize your processes and give you peace of mind.

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ONRR & State Audit Defense & Support

Applying our expertise and years of experience to review and challenge audit determinations.

Service Title

Regulatory Compliance Review

Developing customized approaches for each meter point, fully incorporating ONRR and state approved methodologies and reconciling differences.

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Consulting & Recovery

Maximizing all available incentives and deductions while minimizing the burden of compliance.


Let’s Work Together

We have the people, the processes, and the experience to help you successfully navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance and revenue accounting. Our team understands the oil and gas business and how to leverage your existing software to efficiently produce the most accurate results for your specific situation. This isn’t about quick hits. This is about working together to really understand your full accounting process and your challenges and limitations. Once we have a complete picture, we develop and execute on a plan to fill in the cracks in your existing process and advise on how to prevent new ones from forming.

Our Team

We earned our reputation as a leading operations and accounting consultancy the old-fashioned way: by doing the work. Our extensive knowledge of accounting practices and regulatory frameworks, software, databases, and valuation models comes from working with over 150 onshore and offshore producers and on more than 40 deepwater projects. We take great pride in finding innovative solutions to our clients’ problems and adding value through cost recovery wherever we can.

What We Offer

Whether you’re looking for short-term consulting, a partner for a specific project, or longer-term outsourcing of your regulatory and revenue accounting functions, we will work with you to design a customized package of services that’s right for you. We help our clients ensure their accounting practices are in compliance with the latest state and federal regulations, identify missed opportunities to reduce royalty and tax burdens, and respond to audit findings.